FOXRIVER Show - Singapore - Mike Chang's write up on the Exhibition!

Installation view of Jasmine Little's exhibition


FOXRIVER is proud to present Jasmine Little’s new paintings and sculptures.  She grew up out in the desert in 29 Palms, California.  She later moved to Los Angeles to study fine art at UCLA.  Eventually moved to Colorado to continue painting.  The subject matters in her paintings change as her moved from one environment to the next.  Now she is living near a ski resort, many of her paintings consist of tree branches, buffalo bones (she explains that there is a buffalo farm near by), Rocky Mountain range, and mushrooms.  In the conversation we had approaching the exhibition, she explains that she goes mushroom hunting regularly in the spring time and she had always wanted to make paintings base on them.  For her the mushroom represent a part of nature that is yet touched by human activities as these mushrooms require unpolluted earth to grow.  For the exhibition at FOXRIVER, Jasmine portrays mushrooms in their nature habitat: even though they are fragile and unassuming to some (untrained) eyes, when depicted into wall scaled paintings, the experience of “looking" can be extremely intense.  

And oh boy is this an intense way of experiencing paintings and sculptures as Jasmine packed the exhibition space from wall to wall.

Later this summer Jasmine will be doing a solo exhibition at Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles.  Also will be part of a group exhibition titled Storytellers and Mystics at ACNY in Brooklyn, New York.  (long time friend of FOXRIVER Juka Araikawa will be part that show!) Be sure to check these exhibition out when the time comes.